About Us

There is more to life than just things. There are people and communities connected to the products we surround ourselves with. 

We try to source eco-friendly, U.S. or Canada-made products for as many products as we can.

Preserving our oceans

You can take comfort in knowing that when you shop with us, you too are giving to organizations that help preserve our oceans.

Our oceans provide food in the form of fish and shellfish—about 200 billion pounds are caught each year. But our oceans and marine life are in trouble because of plastics and toxics in the water.

A portion of our sales go to orginzations that reduce plastics and toxics in our ocens or improve marine life.

While we're not the cheapest option around, we hope it pleases you knowing that good energy and intention go into our products.

Featured artists

At Urban Acres Life we think you'll find something a little unique and you'll get to know a little about the artist behind the designs. We want to help artists share their work so we feature work of artists from around the world. In fact, we're looking for a feature artist right now.

Please watch for featured artist work and our campaigns to crowdsource designs.

Contact us at hello@urbanacreslife.com